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パートナー団体活動状況(3)公益社団法人Civic Force(緊急即応チーム) Report from the partner organization (3): Civic Force


HOPE FOR JAPANのパートナー団体である、現地で緊急救援活動を展開する公益社団法人Civic Force(緊急即応チーム)より、活動報告が届きました。



Civic Force, one of HOPE FOR JAPAN’s partner organizations, sent report to us about the situation in the disaster stricken area and their support operation.

Civic Force is a solidarity body consisting of NPO/NGOs, corporations and central and local governments aiming at providing efficient and prompt assistance in the case of wide-scale disaster in Japan. The organization is conducting emergency relief operation mainly in Minami Sanrikucho and so far it has procured and delivered supplies amounting more than 100 tons and send carpenters and necessary materials for making and setting up bathtubs.

 子どもたちの絵が完成 Picture drawn by children on the bathtub.


写真クレジット:公益社団法人Civic Force(緊急即応チーム) (Photograph credit: Civic Force)

*Civic Forceの活動詳細はこちら→ 

*For more information on the activities of Civic Force, see