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パートナー団体活動状況(5)国境なき医師団日本 Report of partner organization's activities (5): Médecins Sans Frontières Japan


HOPE FOR JAPANのパートナー団体である、現地で緊急救援活動を展開するNPO法人「国境なき医師団日本(MSF)」の活動状況を紹介します。

This article introduces the recent activities of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Japan, one of HOPE FOR JAPAN’s partner organizations, which carries out support operation in the disaster stricken areas.


● 慢性疾患患者への治療提供


● 心理ケア活動



● 衛生状態の改善のために



[Treatment to patients with chronic diseases]

MSFJapan started operation in 5 shelters in Minami Sanrikucho in Miyagi Prefecture, and a shelter in Tarocho in Iwate Prefecture. This medical team has treated 1700 people by April 12th, especially the patients with chronic ailment of which treatment was interrupted due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. Most of them are over 60 years old and the main disorders were high blood pressure and the infection of upper respiratory tracts.

[Psychological care]

MSFJapan continues the psychology caring in Minami Sanrikucho in Miyagi Prefecture and Tarocho in Iwate Prefecture. In either area, the patients who need the professional assistance are introduced to clinical psychologists.

In Minami Sanrikucho, such psychology care support is being expanded and they have already gained a permission from the local administration to build public spaces near 2 big shelters there.

[To improve the hygiene status]

On March 23 in Minami Sanrikucho, 10,000 hygiene article kits were distributed. The kit contained soap, toothbrush, tooth paste and towel.

To improve the hygiene status, the team set up 2 water tanks in 2 shelters. People in the shelters were suffering from lack of water to wash their clothes and these tanks are expected to prevent the spread of  infectious diseases.



*For more information on the activities of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Japan, see