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石巻でBBQ&ミニサッカー教室を開催しました。Event information: HOPE FOR JAPAN @ Ishinomaki on July 10

7月10日(日)に、石巻を中心に活動するHOPE FOR JAPANのパートナー団体「ジェン(JEN)」の協力をいただき、宮城県石巻市にある鹿妻東公園にてお疲れさま会(バーベキュー炊き出しとミニサッカー教室)を行いました。




In cooperated with our partner oraganization 'JEN', we held the 'HOPE FOR APAN ' event to support the community's efforts to recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake on July 10.

This event was took place with the aim of increasing the rate of utilization of 'Community Cafe', which has managed by the community residents and several NGOs including JEN. 

 It was held in the form of “Wrap up party” of the cleaning activity sponsored by the second Kazuma neighborhood association. About 70 participants were made of  the residents and  the volunteers. After cleaning the park, we provided barbecue lunch and drinks.






In cooperated with numerous event companies,we provided berbecue lunch. Fruits, desserts and alcoholic drinks were also served.

Adults enjoyed drinking and children enjoyed a BBQ in impromptu beer garden.

It was so hot that day, so fruits and vegetables like watermelon, peach, tomatos and cucumbers cooled in the small pool were very popular among participants.



【ミニサッカー教室/ Football School for Kids】




After the barbecue lunch, the football school for Kazuma Junior football-club was held at the park. A pair of “i-Goal”, the air-filled soccer goal, and 10 balls were donated to the community. Mr. Satoshi Tsunami, ex-national football team player and Mr. Koichi Kawazoe, a footaball commentator joined as special guests, teaching kids and play football together.



【カラオケ機材の贈呈/ Donation of Karaoke machines】



HOPE FOR JAPAN donated a set of karaoke machines to another community cafe supported by JEN, hoping that it will help people to come to the cafe space and enjoy it.



In cooperated with a number of companies, HOPE FOR JAPAN provided supplies to the people who has been affected by the great earthquake and tsunami.

Below is the list of companies who support the event.

  • 株式会社キョードー東北様  Kyodo Tohoku, Inc.
  • 株式会社キョードー大阪様  Kyodo Osaka, Inc.
  • 株式会社キョードー北陸様  Kyodo Hokuriku, Inc.
  • 株式会社キョードー西日本様  Kyodo Nishi Nippon, Inc.
  • 株式会社ディスクガレージ様   diskgarage co.,Ltd.
  • 株式会社ウエス様   wess co., Ltd.
  • 株式会社サンデーフォークプロモーション様   Sunday Folk Management Inc.
  • 株式会社夢番地様  YUMEBANCHI.,co Ltd.
  • 株式会社リズメディア様   Rhythmedia Inc.
  • 株式会社萬歳ダイニング様   Banzai Dining Inc.
  • 株式会社ハウフルス様   How Full's Inc.
  • 株式会社ハウミック様 Howmic Inc.
  • 有限会社サンタサービス様  SANTA SERVICE co., Ltd.
  • 株式会社イデアフォース様   IDEAFORCE, Inc.
  • 株式会社レンタルのニッケン様   NIKKEN Corporation co,. Ltd.
  • 株式会社T3様   T3 Corporation.