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【Report】大宮エリー展覧会「思いを伝えるということ」展in仙台をサポート/"Conveying One's Feelings" - Exhibition by Ellie Omiya in Sendai

HOPE FOR JAPANでは、mudefの理事である大宮エリーさん(映画監督、作家)が仙台で開催した、「思いを伝えるということ」展を協賛、運営のサポートをしました。









そんな大宮エリーさんの気持ちをサポートすべく、HOPE FOR JAPANは、大宮エリーさんのイベントをサポートすることを決定しました。


  • 【開催日時】2013年3月30日~4月9日
  • 【会場】仙台メディアテークギャラリーb
  • 主催:大宮エリー事務所

  • 特別協賛:docomo

  • 後援:KHB東日本放送/Date fm/仙台市教育委員会/一般財団法人mudef

  • 協賛:江崎グリコ/日光江戸村/TERRACE L/KOSEKi/万代/一般財団法人mudef    

  • 作家:大宮エリー

  • 空間デザイン:二村周作アトリエ

  • 照明演出:佐藤啓 装飾美術:井上貴之

  • タイトル&文字デザイン:グルーヴィジョンズ

  • 運営:GIP 運営協力:東北芸術工科大学


  • 宣伝用デザイン:bmpd



また、運営サポート以外に、HOPE FOR JAPANでは、大宮さんと同じくmudef MESSENGERのMISIA、及び賛同した電撃ネットワークの南部虎弾さんがそれぞれお参加。会場で思いを伝えること、どうやってメッセージを発信するのか、大宮さんと話しました。


第1回ギャラリートーク 4月5日(金) 集合17:30 開演18:00 ゲスト:南部虎弾さん

第2回ギャラリートーク 4月8日(月)  集合17:30 開演18:00 ゲスト:MISIA


mudefではHOPE FOR JAPANを通じて今後も引き続き、 東日本大震災の支援活動を展開していきます。


mudef MESSENGER大宮エリーさんについてはこちら




Through HOPE FOR JAPAN project, mudef assented and supported the event – “Conveying One’s Feelings” - held in Sendai by Ellie Omiya, a film director and writer and also a board member of mudef.

Before the Event

Omiya held the event “To Be Alive” at Shibuya PARCO in February, 2013, to provide an opportunity for people to share the importance and difficulty of expressing one’s feelings and so each can find a breakthrough.

With the theme, “communication”, Omiya offered participatory art installation with words and sculptures that make you want to express your feeling of gratitude or other feelings for someone.

12,000 people visited the event. Many of them shed tears after seeing the exhibition. Many came from the Tohoku area and gave comments on Twitter or wrote in letters:

“We would like this event to be held in Tohoku”

“Heartfelt event like this is what people in Tohoku need right now”

 “I came twice from Fukushima. I would like to show this to my mother, who cannot come to Tokyo because she has bad legs”

“I visited from Kesennuma, Miyagi. I want my friends to see this exhibition. Please hold the event in Tohoku.”


 “To Tohoku, for sure”

We decided to back up Omiya’s determination and support the event as part of our HOPE FOR JAPAN project.


<Event Information>

DATE: March 30th – April 9th, 2013

PLACE Sendai Mediatheque, Gallery B
HOST: Ellie Omiya Office


Special assent: docomo

Supporter: HIGASHINIPPON BROADCASTING CO.,LTD./Date fm/Sendai City Board of Education/General Incorporated Foundation mudef

Assent: Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd./EDO WONDERLAND/ TERRACE L/ KOSEKi/Mandai/ General Incorporated Foundation mudef

Artist: Ellie Omiya

Spatial Design: Shusaku Futamura atelier

Lighting Production: Hajime Sato Art Design: Takayuki Inoue

Title and Letter Design: Groovisions

Direction: GIP direction support, Tohoku University of Art And Design


Advertising Design: bmpd


MISIA Participated in the Gallery Talk

As part of our HOPE FOR JAPAN project, MISIA, another board member of mudef, and Torata Nanbu (Dengeki Network), who supported the exhibition, participated in the event. Each had a discussion with Omiya at the venue and talked about how to convey one’s feelings and messages.

The discussions were shown on USTREAM, which made it possible to introduce and show the event to more people.

Gallery Talk 1: April 5th, Open 17:30, Start 18:00, Guest speaker: Torata Nambu

Gallery Talk 2: April 8th, Open 17:30, Start 18:00, Guest speaker: MISIA

mudef will continue its support activities for the Great Eastern Earthquake through HOPE FOR JAPAN project.